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My name is Prajkata and I am perusing the second year of B. tech in college. I am properly from barely. I am the girl who always finds out the way for any problem. My friends love to describe me as intelligent, lovable and dreamer. And I found the way to sort out my problem with Bangalore escort agency.

More about me, I am a girl with a vision. I know what to do in my life. There are very few things I like in this world. Some of them are. Swimming, Going on rides and spending time with my family. I am coming from a conservative family. My mother is a teacher and my father is a businessman. I don’t have any siblings. I am the only child of my parents.

I have always been the brightest student in my school and college also until my physics professor joined the college. I felt first the time something like that for any teacher. I was really liking him. I was never that girl who loves to do makeup or to get ready for hours but suddenly everything was changed as I am very much involved in Bangalore escort agency.

Whenever there was supposed to be a period of physics I would turn up as a totally different person. I was taking time hours of hours to get ready. I would always find a way to impress him. But I guess he never got impressed by me! But somehow my professor felt that there is something wrong.

One day he came to me and told me about all the consequences of this relation. He told me that there might be a chance that they both would have to leave college because of that. People would judge us and that society will never accept this kind of relation. But they don't know about my secret job as Bangalore escort agency.

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It's been a month but I am still trying to overcome that situation. I am looking for some funny and sensitive guy who has a beautiful smile and a pure heart. I have a sculpted figure which is thin. My waist is tapered and I have a weatish complexion. A pair of arched brows looked down on sweeping eyelash. My delicate ears button nose. A set of dazzling, white teeth gleamed as I blew gently on her carmine red nails. Which is more integral part as a Bangalore escort agency.

It was a pleasure to see me flowing, moon dark black hair. My enticing, blue eyes gazed at me over her puffy lips. My lips tasted amazing. I have a bouncy personality and a sexy voice, which you will like. Not content to be just an another drone, I ware vibrant clothe to suite my mood of the night or as per your desire and I am comfortable whatever is on or not.

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