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I am Vaishali Kapoor and I am basically from Bangalore. About my family, my father is a trainmaster and my mother is a housewife. My family is not too forward. They still believe in traditional values and all that stuff.

Moreover, I am an event planner and you can say that this is also my passion. I always wanted to be an event planner because I was always good at planning things and make it work too. I was always into decorative and shiny things. I love sparkles and glamour. When I was a kid I used to collect diamonds and a necklace of my mother and all that stuff. But now I am grown to be a Bangalore escort.

Well, other than that I am not too beautiful or white. I've been always called Kali and moti all my life. I was also get bullied in my school because of my color. Maybe that is the reason I've been rejected by boys most of the time. But, let me tell you one thing I am proud of my body, my color and myself. I am not the person who would change herself for any other person.

I am here on this Bangalore escort website because I feel that maybe I will find my life partner from here. In real life, I was not having this much of options for dating but now I can find someone that can be suitable for me.

I am looking for a person who doesn't judge me and yeah! One more thing if you are a person who chooses people based on their colors or physical appearance then we might not get along.

I am in the search of someone who is a believer in god, someone who has a good heart an someone who can take a stand for me.

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I am sassy and sensuous Bangalore escort. I was an ex air-hostess, but I wanted to do something more exciting and decided to experiment with escorting and then loved it so much, that I didn’t want to go back to my old profession. I found this career very entertaining and full of enthusiasm and thrill. I am grateful to God that I got this profession, as because of it I am able to pursue my studies.

My long cherished dream and is Bangalore escort. I am able on my way to fulfilling this dream. I am talkative, great conversationalist and funny by nature. I can take people in my stride and know how to enjoy life to the fullest. Life is too short to think over things gone wrong or should have been better and I teach my clients to believe in the same as I have learnt from Bangalore escort. I help them to relax and relieve themselves of all tensions and worries.

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