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I am Nikita Khan and I am basically from Bangalore. I believe that nowadays women have gained a more equal footing in the workplace and society. Although most women will say we still have a long way to go, and I was also one of them.

More about me, I was a girl with an ambitious and vision to do something in my life but not for too long. I am coming from a Muslim family and soon after I completed my college my family decided my marriage with a person I never had seen before. I wasn’t independent at that time and I couldn't do anything to stop that marriage.

Well, After one year of my marriage I was pregnant with a child and I gave born to a girl. My husband and in-laws didn’t want a girl and they started abusing and torturing me because of my girl born. I was so shattered I used to think that how could I live with someone like this? As coming from a Muslim family my husband decided to go for second marriage and I wasn’t okay with his decision. I filed a complaint against him and his family and I decided to give him a divorce and went for an image makeover by becoming a Bangalore girlfriend experience provider.

I began to realize that just for the sake of my family's choice and respect I have had lost my life and ambitions. Now I want to live my life on my own terms without thinking about anyone else. I came here on this website to find someone who can think of spending life with me. I want someone who accepts me and my daughter the way we are. Someone who is full of life, lovable and who is not judgmental.

Don’t judge me by my profession as a Bangalore girlfriend experience companion as am too hot to handle.

I offer you my services as Bangalore girlfriend experience, to make you happy. I am a very cultured girl, clever and well educated. My best service is to be your escort for high level events, parties or special occasions. I have a very open conversation and enjoy talking about any topic. I hope you feel relaxed and willing to spend one of the best moments of your life. You will be sure that I will be up to your expectations and everybody will tell you that you are in a very good company. I am also addictive, so you can worry of everything besides me. Physically, I love my long legs.

I am sure you will find Bangalore girlfriend experience interesting too. They make my figure so stunning. I am natural blonde, and you will love my tits once I am nude in front of you. I love French kissing and receiving oral job. If you are good on these, you will get everything from me. I also like to perform as someone who is in a deep fantasy for you, so please share your thoughts with me and make it real. Feel the difference of dating high level Bangalore girlfriend experience, you won't be disappointed.

Hindi, English

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